FW’22 Collection – "Meninos do Mar" [Sea Babies]

Inspired by a tiny village in northern Portugal, the FW'22 collection "Meninos do Mar" is an ode to nature. The contrast between the calm mountains and the impetuous movement of the imponent sea brings back memories— simpler times with no plastic in the ocean, with our crafty toys made from wood and old fabrics, and the light lunches lovingly prepared by our mothers. The mornings flew by with long walks near the sea, talks with the small fishes, and delicious mini banquets on sargassum blankets. And when our noses and cheeks turned red, and our body started to shiver a bit, we started running, playing catch or hugging the small sheep grazing around.
The most awaited moment of the day was always the late mornings. When our gaze crossed the ocean and the tiny dots took on the shape of boats. And we knew we had to go back, back to that warm, heartfelt hug of our parents.

Those were simpler times, happy times indeed!

About the collection/product:

  • A colour palette based on Nature. From the winter of the mountains to the deep blues of the sea.
  • The “thick” knits, in honour of the men who come back home from the sea (in recycled wool and cotton yarns). the warm coats, inspired by the hugs of the little sheep.
  • The combination of knits with soft textures and flannel fabrics, as if it were patchwork.
  • A "layered" silhouette that prepares us for the harsh cold of winter. From tight models to underwear style clothing, to big, baggy jumpers that comfort and keep us safe.
  • Focus points - comfort, utility, and more environmentally friendly raw materials!

Download here our FW22 workbook